Rae Farrell, Canada, on recieving his Boeing 377 Stratocruiser

"I am now sitting down after carefully removing it from your superb packaging job, setting it up on its stand, tying the antenna wires, and installing the props. It is simply gorgeous, Bob. I'm a pretty fussy person and rarely are my expectations ever met, well you have outdone yourself with this commission. I know I will run out of adjectives to describe this wonderful piece of aviation art. Models that look like this, with this type of detail are indeed rare and now once I have seen a Bob Dros original in person, only now I can fully appreciate the labour of love that went into such a creation. I each day marvel at your fine workmanship. I could not be happier."

Manolis C., Greece, on receiving his Pitts S-2C

"I just received Patsy and am just overwhelmed with joy. I feel like a small child! She is breathtaking! Thank you and congratulations for your attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship. All parts are ok and accounted for, and I can spot no mistakes or omissions."

Peter Reed, U.S.A.

"The ABSOLUTE MAGNIFICENT Atalanta arrived today. Marvellous! I couldn't be more delighted. It makes a wonderful model. Proves that it is not necessarily the best aircraft that makes the best model. The finishing detail adds so much (it makes me wish I had the DH-91 as a Frobisher or perhaps as G-AEVV or EVW in Imperial colours now..). Starts me dreaming about what else to add to a Croydon scene ... a Flamingo or a Dragon Rapide? Incidentally, the packing was almost as much a work of art as the model.
Thanks very much, Bob, for a beautiful job and for getting it here safely."

Later, Peter Reed wrote in "The Captain's Log" of the World Airline Historical Society:
"The other two models illustrated were built by Bob Dros of Bel Air Models in Amsterdam. These 1/72 scale models are built out of solid Perspex, which, in contrast to other solid materials, permits transparent fenestration. Bob's models are built for museums and collectors. While expensive, these models testify that "a thing of beauty is a joy forever"."

Sir George Cox, United Kingdom

"I've known Bob, who lives in Amsterdam, for years. He's a great guy and a real artist. He works in Perspex and is something of a perfectionist. I couldn't commend his work too highly. He has a collecting interest of his own, having one of the finest collections of the famous WWII 1:200 German Wiking models. Incidentally he's also a professional musician. Last time I visited him I came away with two models and a CD!"

Klaus Rich, U.S.A., commenting one of the solutions

"When I looked over your model of the Avro Lancastrian I was amazed to discover your great idea of creating the proper size of the red dots to make British roundels more realistic by bringing the red inside dots to the right proportions. That was a terrific idea. Using your idea I am now able to correct the sloppy work of many decal companies who have not been centering the middle dots on the roundels."

Ralph Morton, United Kingdom, after the delivery of his second Hawker Siddely Transport

"I am very excited about the HS681's. Many thanks again for all your work. When we meet I hope to have some ideas for some more commissions next year."

Mike Green, United Kingdom

"The four models arrived in excellent condition and are as pleasing as all the others - the finish is superb."

Milton A. Haase, U.S.A., after he got his Sikorsky S-42 Flying Boat

"I must say that I was very impressed at your workmanship as I have never in my life seen a more beautiful model and it is fantastic to say the least. How in the world do you do it, I cannot see how you can make a model from solid plexiglass and do the work that you do. I am truly amazed. I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate it."

Ross Hand, U.S.A., commenting just the drawings!

"Many thanks for sending a copy of your Fokker F.32 plans - I concider them as a work of art!"

Dennis Knight of Helmet Models, commenting the Avro Vulcan master made for his 1:200 range

"I have the Vulcan safely in my possession - "excellent" and exactly what I wanted. A lovely model, it has feeling!"

Eugene R. Eisman, U.S.A.

"The 'Moss' is wonderful; I'm very pleased with it as a fine addition to my Russian aircraft model collection".

Jay Facciolo, CWW Toys, NY, U.S.A.

"Once again, thank you for producing such a wonderful and unique product. Our customers appreciate them and they make a wonderful addition to our store."

Danny Samuels, U.S.A.

"I must say, these models surpass even your usual standards of high craft - they are miniature masterpieces. These now take pride of place in my 1:200 collection."

Carmen Shemilt, United Kingdom

"I tried to phone you yesterday and today, without succes, to say that I am delighted with the Lat├ęcoère 28. Your packaging protected it perfectly from any mishaps. I appreciate that you may not be able to make a future model at short notice and I would therefore be thinking about placing another order with you soon. Thank you so much for making the model in time and for doing such a superb job - it certainly surpassed our expectations."

Robert Straub, U.S.A.

"What goes on in a person's head to cause it to do something like you do? I love it, I love it!"

At another occasion mr. Straub wrote, understanding quite well the difficulties encountered:
"Your latest models are incredible! The DH-91 Albatross is the loveliest. How do you get such sweet curves in hard plastic? Especially with the circular cross sections of the fuselage and nacelles. The three big circular windows in the roof are the perfect finishing touch. I always liked the cockpit windows, roof and nose area. You captured all its subtleties perfectly. And the Jabiru is a wonderful 'clunker'."

Robert B. Sinclair, U.S.A.

"They are very nicely achieved models, delicately assembled and painted. I am impressed by the trouble that you took to show the fabric covered control areas in a duller silver finish than the metal bodies. It all is ever better than I had hoped. You have built and decorated them in impeccable fashion."

Rocky H. Tateiwa, Japan, on receiving the first Fokker F.XXXVI model built

"I am very much proud of having the number 1 production model of the great airplane, Fokker F.XXXVI you finished in limited number. Your fine art works on the model will be ever appreciated, I believe this is world number one production finish, in the museum quality!"

His order for the model was accompanied by the words:
"Please do it your work at your satisfaction as I donot hurry."
A great attitude for a customer!

John de Uphaugh, United Kingdom

"Thank you for the models. Delighted! They will renew my patience!"

Shinichi Miwa, Japan

I have stepped in your website. It is terrific! I was much impressed by your excellent airplane models. All of them are made of plexiglass? Amazing! You have a special talent of creating airplane models. In addition, I love your sence of item selections. As I have been focusing on civil airplanes between the wars for the past decade, your Fokker models and other airliners at this specific era really enchanted me.

Photo: Bob Dros in his workshop.

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