What's so special about you?

Choice of types, material and finesse in artwork:
I usually skip the types produced by other manufacturers. A large library of technical drawings allows me to model almost every aircraft type known.
I use perspex as the basic material to create models with clear windows, by polishing the model first and masking the windows before finishing the model. The fact that perspex is a beautiful durable material with good mechanical properties is important as well.
I have mastered fine airbrush techniques and use a special decal printing procedure to attach the self designed decals directly to the model.
Read Quality for more information.

Is that why your models are so expensive?

Partly ... there are other reasons. For every type I research and draw all the details from original files to the specifications of for example the fuselage machining. Working with perspex is time consuming; it doesn't cooperate very well. It's like taming a tiger. The models leave my workshop as one of a kind. All are custom made, very often after special wishes of the customer.

How come one finds so many odd types in your list?

This has to do with the first question; my way of working attracts people with unusual preferences. I started years ago with my self chosen program of unusual and at the same time beautifully designed classic airliner models not to be found elsewhere. Gradually people discovered they could order their special 'goodies' on commission through BEL-AIR MODELS. That's how the list materialized in the course of time.

Photo: The Tupolev ANT-14 and Kalinin K-5, the first two Russian types in the collection.

Would you do any livery or scale?

I think so, yes. The possibilities may partly depend on how well you can inform me. So far all wishes of customers have been satisfactorily handled as a result of my own knowledge or with their help. Please read Comments in this respect. In the last few years some customers ordered models in scale 1:200, of which three examples here.

Scale 1:200

If I send a drawing of a fantasy model, would you build it ?

Yes, off course I would. We will discuss details, livery, measurement etcetera and then I'll just start doing the job for you.

But you wouldn't do, say... a Spitfire?

Spitfires are available in any scale and any subtype. So why would you ask me to do one?

... because I want one made by you.

In that case you will get your ultimate Spitfire!

How do I pay you?

Payments outside Europe through Paypal, account bdros@freeler.nl, select "goods".
In Europe payment via the banks' IBAN/BIC code system is preferred.

When do I pay you?

I ask for a downpayment of 50% of the agreed price as soon as the order is placed. You pay the other half at the end of the process. At this stage I will send you a picture of the finished model.

How long does it take to get the model I ordered?

If you choose from the list, six months will be a fairly good indication. In case of a new type or a very special wish it might extend to about nine months. You will get visual updates of the process if desired.

Will the model survive shipping?

After all the care spent to building the model you can be assured that the packaging receives the same attention and your order is shipped with insurance.


Back in 1986, I started the aircraft model range together with a set of odd electric guitar models in scale 1:10. The name was chosen because both subjects combined well in the name: Bel Air has both "beautiful melody" and "beautiful sky" in it. I don't produce guitar models anymore. If you are interested: look up John Sievert's article "Let's Get Small!" in Guitar Player Magazine of June 1990 for a coverage of my work back then, together with the work of some other miniature guitar builders. Oh, I did grand piano's too, violins, mandolins and even complete drum kits.

Bob Dros

Photo: The Van Meel Waterbrik model.

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