Avro Tudor IV

United Kingdom, 1945 - The Tudor was the first airliner with a pressurized cabin after World War Two. Its quick appearance was made possible by use of the Lincoln bomber wing and engines. It was a very promising and good looking type, but it turned out to have a very unfortunate career; a series of accidents and changing customer requirements being the main reasons. The many modifications didn't work out and theTudor ended its days as a cargoplane. The model represents the British South American Airways 'Star Leopard', the lengthened version of the original Tudor I.

Model FM3
Scale 1:72
Span 19.9 inch / 50,5 cm.
Livery B.S.A.A.
Price € 2100

Indicated net prices as from July 2012.
Members of the EEC should add 21% V.A.T.


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